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Why can’t I just use my cell phone if I have an emergency?

Sounds practical to use your cell phone but how handy and accessible is your phone? If your phone is in your pocket or your purse and you are having a heart attack, or some other real true emergency, could you have the right frame of mind to find your phone, unlock it, and press 911? Probably not.

If you were having a stroke, do you think your hand-eye coordination would be good enough to retrieve your phone and dial 3 numbers? Probably not. If you got through to 911 would the dispatcher on the other end know your medical history? No.

Would the 911 dispatcher know which family members to contact? No.
Would the 911 dispatcher know which medications you are currently taking? No. With your Safeguard alarm close by your side, on your wrist or around your neck, one Press is all it takes to get help and talk to someone who knows all the important information about you and can relay such information to the EMS.

If you lose consciousness right after the press of the button, help will arrive.
If you dial 911 and are unable to speak, they will try to call you back, but rarely send help without speaking to you as they are overwhelmed with prank 911 or non-emergency calls being made to 911.

The Personal Emergency Response System has the highest priority of response in an Emergency Monitoring Station.

Can SafeGuard be used in apartments, homes, condo's or mobile homes?

SafeGuard systems can be used anywhere. The base unit requires a landline phone jack and electrical outlet.

What if there is a power failure?

SafeGuard systems have been designed to be there when someone needs help. A backup rechargeable battery is in every system. In the event of a power failure, the unit can operate up to 24 hours, depending on the battery drain. The system will notify the monitoring center that a power failure has occurred and they will contact the subscribers home.

Is there a contract or lengthy service agreement required?

No contract is required for a SafeGuard system. A customer may keep their system for one month or 10 years. There are never penalty fee's or charges for discontinuing the service.

Are there costly modifications or messy remodeling needed to install a system?

No, SafeGuard's equipment is simple to install and no drilling, re-wiring or changes to a home are required. SafeGuard's equipment works on radio frequencies and is easily moved.

If a subscriber moves, can they take their SafeGuard Alarm with them?

Yes. The system can be taken anywhere in the US. The subscriber must notify SafeGuard in advance to update their Personal Emergency Response Systems.

Can a person in another state get a SafeGuard system for their loved one?

Yes, systems are easy to install and may be shipped to a home anywhere in the continental United States. Many adult children have ordered systems for their parents to insure their safety, security and freedom.

How do you know a system is working properly?

Each system will alert the monitoring center if an internal problem exists. Each subscriber should test their system at least once a month, to insure maximum operating efficiency.

How can the monitoring technicians hear what is going on in a home?

When the pendant is pressed, the SafeGuard system is activated. A high powered microphone and a powerful speaker allow two-way voice communication throughout an average sized home. This technology is similar to that used for federal government buildings.

Can the SafeGuard monitoring technicians eavesdrop on a subscriber's home?

No, SafeGuard's fail-safe feature makes it impossible to listen unless an emergency signal is received by the monitoring center first.

What is the operating range of the SafeGuard system?

The transmitter pendant has a range of about 250 to 750 feet. If a subscriber is outside of their home, they will be able to alert the monitoring center, in most cases. This depends on the building construction and signal obstructions. If the technicians can not hear a person after an alert is received, they will send rescue personnel to investigate and assist them.

Many falls occur in the bathroom, can the pendant be worn in the shower?

Absolutely. Many falls do occur in the shower and our pendants are manufactured to be water resistant for this very reason.

If there are two people in one home, can the same unit be used for both people?

Yes. SafeGuard's system can be set up to monitor two people from one system. Ask any SafeGuard consultant for details.

Can the SafeGuard system be used with digital cable telephone systems?

Yes, they will operate with Voice Over Internet Protocol digital telephone services.

Can I use a credit card or bank draft to pay the monthly monitoring fee?

Yes, we encourage you to set up your account using a credit card or bank draft to avoid the extra charge associated with preparing and mailing you a paper bill.